Germany: Windreich Enables Public Participation in OWF Development for the First Time

Germany: Windreich Enables Public Participation in OWF for the First Time

Citizens of Wolfschlugen have gotten engaged in Windreich’s Global Tech I offshore wind project. In that respect, they have formed a civil society, which owns a stake in the holding company Global Tech I GmbH. This makes it possible for private individuals to shape an efficient energy transition for the first time.

After seeing the production facilities of the AREVA Wind GmbH, WeserWind, along with the installation vessel INNOVATION owned by HOCHTIEF, an idea was born that every ordinary citizen could take part in the project with a manageable amount of money.

Dipl. Industrial Engineer Willi Balz, owner of Windreich GmbH, was pleased about the implementation and recalls: “During a trip to Bremerhaven, the spark of enthusiasm immediately prevailed over to the citizens of my home town. Being in the center of the German offshore industry, the very dimensions of the components were impressing, the construction progresses as planned and it became clear that in the context of efficient energy transition offshore wind energy is of key relevance.”


Offshore WIND Staff, September 4, 2013; Image:  Windreich