Grand Canyon III to sport NES battery pack

Grand Canyon III to sport NES battery pack

Norwegian Electric Systems (NES), a subsidiary of HAV Group, has secured a contract with Volstad Maritime to deliver the battery pack and associated control system for battery charging to the offshore construction vessel Grand Canyon III.

HAV Group

NES will provide the equipment to the Grand Canyon III in connection with a vessel upgrade in early 2023.

The company will manage the project from its headquarters in Bergen, Norway.

NES recently signed a similar contract for Volstad Maritime’s subsea construction vessel Volantis. The Volantis battery pack will be installed in a dedicated battery room, while the battery pack on board Grand Canyon III will be installed in a container below the deck.

“Installing the battery pack as a container-based solution can be very cost-efficient for vessels since you do not need to build a dedicated battery room,” said Trond Volstad, project manager at Volstad Maritime.

“Delivering the battery system in dedicated containers will also allow us to conduct extensive testing of the equipment prior to delivery. This means that the yard stay can be shortened correspondingly, allowing the vessel to return to operation as quickly as possible,” said Egil Bremnes, sales manager at NES.

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The 127.5-meter-long Grand Canyon III, equipped with a 250-ton offshore crane, will enter a five-year charter with Helix Energy Solutions following the upgrade to battery power notation.

Helix Robotics Solutions and Volstad Maritime agreed on five-year charter extensions for Grand Canyon II and Grand Canyon III in August.