IHCantabria releases update to wave CFD tool

Research center for marine renewables IHCantabria has released an update to the IHFOAM simulation tool designed for studies of interaction of waves with marine structures.

The newly delivered IHFOAM-GUI has been designed following the request of many IHFOAM users to decrease the learning curve in the use of OpenFOAM for coastal and ocean engineering, IHCantabria said.

The IHFOAM-GUI is especially designed to deal with free surface flows. The user will be able to set-up, in a short time, a numerical wave tank to analyze the interaction of waves with coastal and offshore structures.

The freely downloadable tool builds up the folders and the files needed to set-up a case guiding the user along several menus. Additionally, numerical proves can be inserted and post-processed along the GUI menu, according to IHCantabria.

IHFOAM-GUI has been designed within the Coastal Hydrodynamics and Infrastructures Group in IHCantabria comprised by ten members. Future IHFOAM developments will be included in OpenFOAM to be released by ESI Group and included in IHFOAM-GUI.

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