IKM Subsea Bags ROV Contracts in Singapore

IKM Subsea Singapore has been awarded two contracts for the provision of ROV services to two unnamed clients.

The first is a subcontract for a repeat customer for ROV services onboard a derrick lay barge. The duration of the contract is approximately 200 days, starting January 2016.

IKM has mobilized its Merlin WR200 workclass ROV onboard and will be providing personnel to operate it with the necessary tooling, the company said.

The second contract is a requirement onboard the semi-submersible drilling rig. Similar workclass ROV has been mobilized with the necessary tooling and personnel since December 2015.

“To be awarded contracts in this difficult and slow market is fantastic. We appreciate the fact that our clients do recognize the good work done on the previous campaign and believe we can deliver the required quality again. It is important that the company continues to perform at the highest level possible to grow and sustain during this tough period,” said IKM Subsea Singapore’s general manager, Mahesh Govindan.