Italy: 40South Energy Readies for Wave Device Deployment

Italy 40South Energy Readies for Wave Device Deployment

40South Energy undertook several tests last week to prepare for the deployment of its wave energy technology at Punta Righini, Italy.

The company recently announced that it had performed trials at the harbor in Navicelli, Pisa. The first activities tested were practicing the connection procedures in sheltered waters, so they can later be carried out offshore.

By using the same crews and boats that will be engaged in operation at Punta Righini, 40South Energy wanted to identify the procedures which are more practical offshore, and those that are of no use.

Offshore operations will start as soon as the weather conditions allow, the company said.

Furthermore, 40South Energy stated via social media that its technology had been included in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for the island of Elba.

September 19, 2013; Image: 40South Energy