Kenya OKs WERPO’s 100 MW Wave Energy Project

Wave Electricity Renewal Power Ocean Ltd (WERPO) was granted official approval for the establishment of a 100MW power plant on the Kenyan coastline by the Ministry of Energy.

The installation of the power plant will be executed in cooperation with a local company Sea Wave Gen. To minimize implementation costs and maximize the use of local engineering assets to assist in the implement of the project a joint venture company was formed by which WERPO retains 70% control and the local company holds 30%.

WERPO was recently acquired by Blackbird International Corporation.

Within 2 years from the start of the project Blackbird will have a cash flow from selling power to the power company. The first part of the plant shall produce 10 MW which should generate a gross income of $10,000,000.

The 100MW power plant will be installed along the shores of Kenya, with a production cost of $0.02 per 1kWh, while the produced energy will be bought by the local electric company KPLC with a tariff of $0.08 per 1kWh.

Mr. Shmuel Ovadia, inventor of WERPO’s sea wave energy production method concludes, “Our technology is the ideal solution for the severe pollution and electrical shortage in Kenya. The technology enables production of energy in a clean and cost-efficient manner, which will reduce the environmental pollution without damaging the industrial and financial growth in Kenya, which is restricted as a result of the electric shortage.”

Sea wave energy production is an innovative technology with great potential. The waves are created as a result of the winds on the surface of the ocean. Energy production factors include the velocity of the wind as a factor of the wave height; the wind’s consistency; the ocean surface area, its depth, and its topography. It is his energy that the technology of WERPO is interested in harnessing and using as a green and renewable energy source.

Press release; Image: sde