Langh Ship splashes 1st multi-fuel MPP dry cargo ship

Finland-based shipping company Langh Ship has launched the first out of three new multipurpose (MPP) dry cargo vessels.

Langh Ship

The ship has a length of 119.9 meters, a molded width of 16.5 meters, and a molded depth of 10.4 meters. The 7,800 dwt newbuilding was launched at Wuhu shipyard in China on 8 May.

According to the company, the final outfitting will be done in the next coming weeks. After finishing the last works, the vessel will embark on sea trials.

The unit will feature dual-fuel engines which can run on multiple fuels and thus be adjusted for future next-generation propellants.

As initial fuel, it will use liquefied natural gas (LNG) which can be directly replaced by liquefied biogas (LBG). The ship’s LNG tank is both methanol and ammonia ready.

Furthermore, the vessel is prepared for the installation of onshore power, which would make them emission-free during port calls. There is also space reserved for the installation of batteries, which enable hybrid solutions.

Langh Ship’s new MPP ships are designed to meet Outokumpu sustainability targets by minimizing emissions and complying with all known upcoming environmental regulations.

In November 2021, the Finnish firm placed an order for three MPP vessels. The vessels will serve Outokumpu on the short sea lane between Finland and continental Europe.

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In a move to further reduce the environmental impact of their vessels, Langh Ship has also recently joined forces with Dutch multimodal operator Samskip. The partners plan to work on Langh Ship’s transition to biofuel on its vessel.

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