Large-scale Battolyser plant for green hydrogen production to be set up in Rotterdam Port

The Dutch Port of Rotterdam has been selected as the location for the first large-scale Battolyser factory that aims to meet the growing demand for green hydrogen and electricity storage.

Concept Design Battolyser Systems Factory (Source: Kraaijvanger Architects/Courtesy of Battolyser Systems)

Battolyser Systems is the developer and manufacturer of the world’s first integrated battery/electrolyser system, the Battolyser, which can produce hydrogen from solar and wind when power prices are low and provide electricity to the grid when prices are high.

Now, the developer has partnered with the Dutch port to develop the first industrial green hydrogen equipment manufacturing facility in The Netherlands.

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“With our offshore wind potential, strong infrastructure and world-class heavy industry, The Netherlands can now develop a sustainable and resilient energy system”, said Mattijs Slee, CEO of Battolyser Systems.

“We are in constructive conversation with the Dutch government and EU institutions, and we are confident that together we can secure the required funding.”

The 1 GW per annum Battolyser factory will be located in the M4H area, an industrial site in the heart of Rotterdam. The cost of developing the 14,000 m2 production site, complete with new office and laboratory facilities, is estimated to be about €100 million.

Once fully operational it will require some 700 directly employed staff plus create up to four times as many indirect jobs with supply chain partners, the partners said in a statement.

The factory will also act as Battolyser Systems’ headquarter and R&D centre and will open during the second half of 2024. The final investment decision is scheduled for late 2023 and requires private and public investments to compete internationally.

“Rotterdam positions itself as Europe’s Hydrogen Hub and new sustainable industries are welcomed to help realize the transition that’s taking place in Rotterdam. We need companies such as Battolyser Systems, and we believe the port is the ideal place for its first large-scale factory”, added Allard Castelein, CEO of Port of Rotterdam.

Companies in the port are already actively working on projects regarding production, imports, shipping, storage and use of green hydrogen. With this factory, we add green hydrogen equipment manufacturing to that portfolio. This is of great value for the port’s ongoing efforts to decarbonise and facilitate sustainable industries for the future.”

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