Lincolnshire Flood Protection Works Underway

Repairs are now underway on flood banks damaged by recent wet weather, with Environment Agency teams using specialist equipment to restore protection to homes, businesses and agricultural land in Lincolnshire.

Work started over the weekend to fix the breach at the Barlings Eau using pontoons and amphibious diggers to access the riverbank.

Meanwhile, repairs are also underway at Timberland Delph, where Environment Agency teams moved 100 1-tonne sandbags and equipment into place over the weekend to help protect the bank from further damage.

Pumps are shifting floodwater from the farmland and soon long-reach diggers will set to work plugging the breach with an estimated 1,000 tonnes of clay. Once the clay is in place, piles will be installed to strengthen the bank.

Temporary repairs also remain in place on the Billinghay Skirth, where a number of homes have been protected while engineers plan a permanent fix.

Elsewhere around the county, inspections are being carried out and smaller repairs are underway to fix some locks, pointing doors, and banks that overtopped, eroded, or experienced seepage when they were under pressure from the high volume of water for a prolonged period of time.

Over the coming days and weeks, Environment Agency teams will continue to carry out inspections, monitor defenses, and carry out any further repairs as needed.