MaRINET2 Project Launches Second Call for Applications

The EU-funded MaRINET2 project has launched its second call for applications.

Successful applicants will receive free access to a network of testing and research infrastructures.

The call is open to offshore energy technology developers, including wind, wave and tidal energy at system and component level. It is open until February 28, 2018.

MaRINET2 is a €10.5 million Horizon 2020 funded project which supports offshore renewable energy R&D activities.

MaRINET2 project coordinator, Dr Jimmy Murphy, University College Cork said: “MaRINET2 is an important driver of offshore renewables R&D in Europe. Europe’s offshore renewable testing facilities are second to none globally, and MaRINET2 puts these facilities at the disposal of technology developers to help test and validate their concepts.

“The first MaRINET2 call was very effective in providing support to technology developers around Europe, many of whom are in the middle of their testing programmes right now. We will look forward to expanding this with in the second call.”