Mojo guides Sabella’s tidal turbine to shore

Mojo Maritime was contracted by Sabella to assist the company with the retrieval of its D10 tidal turbine off Ushant island, France.

The scope of the first phase of the tidal device contract included the design and manufacture of bespoke, project critical equipment, a remote launch and recovery system and docking frame, Mojo Maritime informed.

The D10 turbine was retrieved mid-July, and will be reinstalled during the autumn following the planned maintenance and optimisation of the turbine.

The retrieval project, undertaken using the DP-3 vessel Aker Wayfarer, was lead locally through Mojo Maritime France to allow efficient project management with Sabella, local sub-contractors and coordination of all logistics within French waters.

Richard Parkinson, Mojo Maritime’s Managing Director, said: “We are very pleased to have executed the first phase of this project against challenging deadlines. I am very proud of the Mojo team for developing innovative and robust solutions allowing for rapid, efficient and safe retrieval and reinstallation of the turbine.”

Mojo Maritime, a subsidiary of James Fisher Marine Services, provides project management and consultancy services for the marine renewable energy industry using its marine operations planning and analysis system Mermaid to provide advanced understanding of the weather risk of the device retrieval project, and its potential impact on the schedule to enable cost reductions and project optimisation.

Sabella’s 1MW D10 tidal turbine was deployed in June 2015, and has since produced 70MWh of clean power.