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MPA Singapore to test vessel charging concepts for electric harbor craft

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has selected the Pyxis Energy, Pyxis Maritime and SP Mobility partnership, Seatrium, and Yinson Electric to test their charging concepts for electric harbor craft (e-HC).

MPA Singapore

As explained, the Pyxis and SP Group partnership will test their land-based direct current (DC) charging concept, using their fleet of e-HCs, which will serve as an offtake for the charging infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Seatrium will explore the potential of a mobile charging concept involving floating energy production units that can be transported and moored at required locations as part of a “sea grid” to provide electricity to e-HC. The electricity supplied can potentially be generated from renewables.

On the other hand, Yinson GreenTech will test their high power (350-450kW) DC Charger, to prepare for larger electric vessels with greater battery capacities in the future. The higher speed charging concept can allow testing of system communication protocols to optimize electron flows to ensure safe and efficient charging.

The DC charging model proposed by the Pyxis and SP Mobility partnership will be deployed at Marina South Pier from March 2024 to March 2026, with a possible extension of another year.

The Seatrium & Yinson concepts will be enhanced further with support from MPA & research institutes ahead of implementation at the possible sites identified earlier.

According to MPA Singapore Chief Executive Eng Dih Teo, insights from the data will form the foundation for developing a national e-HC charging infrastructure masterplan, implementation plan and standards, to support e-HC operations in Singapore.

The e-HC charging standards developed will take reference from Technical Reference 25:2022, which covers safety requirements for charging electric vehicles or #batteries, as well as testing and inspection requirements of electric vehicle charging stations.

The move follows an earlier global call for proposal (CFP) issued by MPA to develop, operate and maintain e-HC charging points in Singapore. These were chosen from 12 proposals received, based on factors including compliance with the national electric vehicle charging standard as proxy & their charging models.

Earlier on, the port authority initiated a call for financiers and insurers to back adoption of electric harbor craft.

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