MPC Container Ships is official supporter of zero carbon shipping centre

Norwegian container tonnage provider MPC Container Ships has become an official supporter to the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Centre for Zero Carbon Shipping, underlining its commitment to the centre’s mission and vision.

Illustration; Source: Navingo

The parties have signed a project support agreement under which MPC Container Ships will contribute to the centre work with market analysis capabilities building industry insights and policy recommendations with a focus on the maritime sector decarbonisation.

Specifically, the company and its partners from the MPC Group will provide further support to the centre using its broad network and expertise in commercial and technical management, renewable energy as well as synthetic fuels to foster the necessary transition of the maritime industry.

The group will also second an employee to the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Centre in Copenhagen.

“We are convinced that the transition of the maritime industry requires broad cooperation amongst all market participants, from suppliers to legislators, providers of infrastructure to financiers, cargo owners to operators and owners”, said Constantin Baack, CEO of MPC Container Ships.

“The immense complexity cannot be dealt with by single market participants alone. Big hurdles like split incentives and missing standardization need to be overcome. We are excited to support the Center and to gain access to research and information that can help us to stay on top of the latest developments on the various decarbonization pathways.”

In the company-related news, in October 2021, MPC Container Ships revealed its plans to sell six vessels and sign a new credit facility as part of the package of measures to increase the company’s balance sheet flexibility.

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