Naming Ceremony for Biggest Brazil-built AHTS

DOF Group Christens the AHT Built in Brazil

DOF Group has named on April 19th, the biggest anchor handling tug vessel (AHT) ever built in Brazil, the Skandi Iguaçu. The vessel has over 32,000 BHP installed and bollard pull of more than 300 tons.

The vessel will be ready for delivery to Petrobras three to five months in advance of contract requirement. Skandi Iguacu was ordered from STX OSV shipyard, in Niterói, with financing from the Merchant Marine Fund through the agent BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank).

The Skandi Iguaçu is part of a new generation of high powered anchor handling vessels, designed for operations across a wide range of deep water depths and environmental conditions. It is outfitted with the latest equipment within safe AHTs operations, such as the largest AHTS winches, cargo rail cranes with manipulators and new systems for handling rig anchors at stern.

To design the Skandi Iguaçu, the DOF group was careful about environmental preservation. The new vessel can achieve reduction in fuel consumption up to 30% using a hybrid propulsion system that combines a conventional diesel motor and an electric system directly connected to its gear.

Source: NorSkan, April 20, 2012

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