NEMOS orders MacGregor winches for wave energy system

German-based wave energy developer NEMOS has hired marine engineering firm MacGregor, part of Cargotec, to supply winches for its pilot wave energy system.

NEMOS’ wave energy system is suitable for use in combination with offshore wind farms, by using the same tower and electrical infrastrucutre, which lowers the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) and evens the fluctuations in power generation – therefore supporting greater commercial viability of renewable energy capture.

The wave energy system uses specially-shaped floating structures that move in a controlled trajectory to capture up to 80% of available wave energy, with the mooring system that employs two fibre ropes for each approximately 20 m long floater.

The newly developed MacGregor mooring system for the project
MacGregor mooring system for NEMOS project (Photo: MacGregor)

The ropes are controlled by the MacGregor winches that optimize the movement to maximize energy capture, which can also be used to adjust the orientation of the floating structures, as well as for protection against storms by hauling the floaters under water, according to MacGregor.

Marcus Wolter, Strategy and Business Development Director at MacGregor, said: “Over the coming years, a large number of offshore wind farms will be built, and within these farms there is a considerable wave energy potential. Shared infrastructure, such as subsea cables and substations, could be better utilised, therefore the pro rata costs for energy transport would also decrease.”

The first commercial NEMOS pilot project will be located in the North Sea and it should be fully operational during 2017, MacGregor informed.