New partnership to drive ‘step-change for industrial digitalisation at scale’ for oil & gas sector

Norway’s Aker is deepening its collaboration with Schlumberger, an oilfield services provider, after the latter decided to join forces with Cognite, an industrial AI software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, to deliver data-driven solutions for the global energy industry.

Illustration; Source: Schlumberger

Aker informed on Wednesday that Schlumberger had entered into a strategic partnership with Cognite to integrate Schlumberger’s “domain expertise, digital solutions, and global go-to-market reach” with Cognite’s Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion.

Øyvind Eriksen, President and CEO of Aker and Chairman of Cognite’s Board of Directors, remarked: “The strategic partnership between Cognite and Schlumberger is another step to deepen Aker’s collaboration with Schlumberger and gives customers in the global energy sector access to data on an unprecedented scale. This is a recognition of Cognite’s global potential as one of the biggest players in the oil and gas sector has chosen Cognite Data Fusion as the architecture for their digital offering for production optimisation in the oil and gas industry.”

Furthermore, Schlumberger and Cognite plan to deploy and support technology adoption to accelerate time to value from digitalisation and will cement their “strategic partnership” in the commercial launch of Enterprise Data Solution, which will enable E&P customers to integrate data from reservoirs, wells, and facilities, with technologies and workflows from multiple vendors, in a single, open platform that leverages AI and advanced analytics tools.

While Schlumberger will be the lead commercial partner, providing customers with access to its Enterprise Data Solution, the two players will co-develop compatible applications and solutions, “leveraging decades of digital solutions expertise from Schlumberger and Cognite Data Fusion’s unique capabilities.”

Olivier Le Peuch, CEO of Schlumberger, commented: “Our strategic partnership with Cognite makes it easier for customers to extract value from their operational data by breaking down silos through an open, standards-based platform, and expand the range of digital workflows and applications they can access. With a wider range of best-in-class digital technologies, customers can innovate at scale to increase production, improve financial performance, and achieve sustainability goals.”

Moreover, the initial focus of the partnership between Schlumberger and Cognite is on production operations in the energy sector, which means better management of data models for customers, improved time to value, and enhanced outcomes to increase value from their current portfolio of assets.

“First and foremost, the partnership will help drive a step-change for industrial digitalisation at scale for the oil and gas sector. Furthermore, it is a massive opportunity for Cognite to embed Cognite Data Fusion within existing Schlumberger customers’ operations – gaining access to a huge network of customers across geographies and demonstrating Cognite Data Fusion’s readiness for scalability in the Industrial DataOps space,” added Eriksen.

In a separate statement, Schlumberger confirmed that it had teamed up with Cognite to combine its Enterprise Data Solution for subsurface with Cognite Data Fusion, enabling customers to integrate data from reservoirs, wells, and facilities in a single, open platform, and leverage embedded AI and advanced analytics tools to “optimise production, reduce costs and decrease operational footprint.”

Rajeev Sonthalia, president, Digital & Integration, Schlumberger, stated: “Operational data in the production domain is a vastly underutilised customer asset due to its complexity and lack of contextualisation at scale. Our strategic partnership with Cognite leverages Cognite Data Fusion to extract better and faster insights from our domain-specific applications in flow assurance, process simulation, and bespoke AI solutions developed with customers.

Combined with Schlumberger’s Enterprise Data Solution for subsurface, Cognite and Schlumberger are creating the first offering in the market with access to contextualised data in an interoperable platform.”

Schlumberger further explained that its domain-driven AI, IoT and simulation engines integrated with Cognite’s high-performance data, and automation technologies would help customers accelerate returns from their producing assets.

Girish Rishi, CEO of Cognite, said: “Cognite’s partnership with Schlumberger provides customers in the energy sector with a secure, scalable data platform upon which business applications can deliver operational efficiencies and help achieve sustainability goals.”

When it comes to Schlumberger’s other deals to advance digital solutions for oil and gas production operations, it is worth noting that the U.S. player reached an agreement with AVEVA, an industrial software company in October 2021.

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