Schlumberger and Aveva

Schlumberger and AVEVA pool resources to optimise oil and gas production

Oilfield services company Schlumberger has reached an agreement with the industrial software company AVEVA to advance digital solutions for oil and gas production operations.

Illustration; Courtesy of Schlumberger

The companies agreed to work together to integrate edge, AI, and cloud digital solutions to help operators optimise oil and gas production. This collaboration will streamline how energy operators acquire, process, and action field data to achieve enhanced well-site efficiency and performance. Initially, the companies will concentrate on linking edge systems to applications in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. This will enable better management of equipment health and it will optimize performance.

The IoT and cloud capabilities of both firms will be brought to the market, which would include the data management platform capabilities of the AVEVA PI System and Schlumberger domain expertise along with analytics capabilities provided by Agora edge AI and IoT solutions and the DELFI environment.

Rajeev Sonthalia, the president of Digital & Integration at Schlumberger commented: “This partnership brings together our edge and cloud solutions with the AVEVA PI System to seamlessly liberate access to data accelerating insights and action. By integrating our domain expertise, secure edge technology and digital applications in the DELFI environment with AVEVA, we will enable customers to increase efficiency and transform their production operations.”

This means the AVEVA PI System will be integrated with Agora edge technologies and cloud-based production solutions enabled by the DELFI environment from Schlumberger, according to the firm’s statement on Thursday.

Andrew McCloskey, the Chief Technology Officer at AVEVA elaborated on the collaboration: “Digital transformation of critical infrastructure requires a strategic vision that transcends technology to drive efficiency, achieve profitable business outcomes and deliver sustainability. Recent macroeconomic events have highlighted the need for agility throughout all industries.

Our collaboration with Schlumberger will drive operational agility and engineering efficiency, while also enabling swifter delivery of new products and services to make assets and operations run more smoothly.”

Schlumberger and AVEVA have discussed and planned further joint technology integrations, go-to-market activity and sales and service support.

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Earlier in April, Schlumberger partnered with Equinor and Microsoft to deploy the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, with seamless integration to the OSDU Data Platform to accelerate Equinor’s ability to integrate data at scale and improve decision-making.

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Schlumberger also launched PeriScope Edge to expand the depth detection range and improve resolution in August this year. This is a multilayer mapping-while-drilling service, which utilises the cloud and digital solutions to offer reservoir insights targeting optimal reservoir exposure while drilling to enhance well construction efficiency.