Mitsui invests $7 million in Norwegian Hydrogen

Norwegian Hydrogen looking into green hydrogen production in Finland

Green hydrogen producer Norwegian Hydrogen has selected Tornio as one of the company’s locations for the production of green hydrogen in Finland.

Illustration only; Archive; Courtesy of Norwegian Hydrogen

A 20-hectare area in the Arctic North industrial area has already been reserved, Norwegian Hydrogen revealed, noting that the growing demand for hydrogen in industry and transportation offers a unique opportunity to invest in the region.

In 2023, Norwegian Hydrogen established its wholly-owned subsidiary Vireon as the provider of hydrogen refuelling for heavy-duty transport in the Nordic region, and according to the company, the subsidiary is actively engaged in developing and constructing hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the area.

Simen Skaare Eriksen, Chief Commercial Officer of Norwegian Hydrogen, commented: “Our venture in Finland is very important for Norwegian Hydrogen, marking our commitment to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and economic vitality in the entire Nordic region.”

Petri Luoma, Project Director of Norwegian Hydrogen Finland, added: “Tornio emerged as a natural choice, aligning perfectly with our goals. The city’s industrial landscape, coupled with its transport and energy infrastructure, presents an optimal setting for hydrogen production.”

Hannaleena Posti, Deputy CEO of Business Tornio, said: “Norwegian Hydrogen’s plan summarizes very well the long-term work done in the development of Arctio North and highlights the region’s potential for the hydrogen economy. We are very pleased that Tornio has been chosen as a key part of Norwegian Hydrogen’s plan towards a sustainable future.”

To remind, in 2024, Norwegian Hydrogen, in collaboration with a consortium of ten partners, also launched a new project that aims to develop an integrated green hydrogen value chain at the Port of Hirtshals in Denmark.

This project includes the construction of a 5 MW electrolyzer, a large-scale refuelling station for heavy-duty transport and distribution networks for hydrogen, oxygen and heat. It is expected to deliver at least 500 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

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In 2023, together with Australian Provaris Energy, the company launched the development of a large-scale production plant for green hydrogen at Ørskog in Ålesund municipality, Norway.

This hydrogen plant is expected to have a capacity of 270 MW when it is fully developed, with a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

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To note, Norwegian Hydrogen is supported by a group of industrial owners, including Mitsui, & Co.Fortescue, Flakk Group, Hexagon Purus, Hofseth International and Tafjord Kraftproduksjon.