OTC 2013: PWA, ETS Join Forces in Produced Water Treatment Services

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PWA, ETS to Sign Processed Water Treatment MoU (USA)

Produced Water Absorbents, Inc., (PWA) and Enviro-Tech Systems (ETS) announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will leverage each company’s technology portfolio, customer networks, knowledge and know-how in the area of oil and gas processed water treatment and give customers access to Best Available Technology (BAT) solutions and service.

The announcement follows Ohio-headquartered PWA’s launch of its  Osorb® technology at OTC 2013. ETS, based in Covington, LA will lend its comprehensive engineering and service capabilities to the collaboration.

Enviro-Tech Systems provides a broad range of water management systems and services. Its core business is equipment solutions together with service, refurbishment and design of technologies based on enhanced gravity separation. The company recognized PWA’s unique Osorb® media as providing an effective and complementary technology to enhance its offering to the oil and gas industry.

Enviro-Tech Systems and PWA are already engaged in their first joint project, which is in the Gulf of Mexico. The project uses both companies’ technologies to achieve environmental legislative discharge requirements. The business arrangement will offer complete onshore and offshore produced water treatment solutions internationally.

Osorb® media removes up to 99% of free, dispersed, emulsified and soluble hydrocarbons and oilfield chemicals from water, in both on and offshore applications. The media has a high affinity for organic compounds and repels water. Its regeneration capability sets Osorb® apart from other water treatment techniques by not only drastically reducing the costs of media replacement, but also decreasing the amount of waste to be transported and disposed.

PWA CEO Neil Poxon said he is pleased to be aligned with an established service provider with a proven track record in the produced water arena. “The collaboration with Enviro-Tech is a huge step forward for PWA and this partnership will strengthen our customer base, reputation and profile. We have a full schedule of trials with major oil and gas operators taking place during 2013 and we’re looking forward to working with Enviro-Tech to provide customers with a new one-stop shop for best available water treatment solutions.”

Frank Richerand, CEO of Enviro-Tech Systems said: “We spent some time looking at suitable technologies on the market. As a new company with a very innovative technology, PWA and the Osorb® media is the right business and technology fit for our goals going forward. We want to deliver a full suite of produced water services to the industry and we believe a single, focused approach is fundamental to providing customers with a ‘black box’ solution of best available technologies for water treatment.”


Press Release, May 8, 2013

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