Photo: Courtesy of Flotta Hydrogen Hub Orkney

OWPL consortium developing green hydrogen facility in Scotland

Offshore Wind Power Limited (OWPL) consortium partners with Repsol Sinopec and Uniper to develop Flotta Hydrogen Hub, a large-scale green hydrogen facility in Orkney.

Flotta Hydrogen Hub; OWPL consortium developing green hydrogen facility in Scotland
Courtesy of Flotta Hydrogen Hub Orkney

OWPL is studying the use of offshore wind to power the production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale on the island of Flotta in Orkney, Scotland. Thus, Flotta Hydrogen Hub is to be a green hydrogen production and export facility.

Offshore Wind Power Limited (OWPL) is the consortium of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, French company TotalEnergies, and Scottish developer Renewable Infrastructure Development Group (RIDG).

The OWPL consortium submitted its West of Orkney Windfarm proposal to Scotland’s offshore wind leasing round ScotWind. If successful, it could deliver renewable power to a green hydrogen production facility at the Flotta Terminal.

The consortium is developing plans to power the proposed hub in partnership with Flotta Terminal’s owner Repsol Sinopec, and Uniper, a pioneer in the field of hydrogen.

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EMEC Hydrogen also supports the proposal locally.

“TotalEnergies believes in the potential of renewable offshore wind power to produce green hydrogen, supporting our companies to meet their ambition in terms of carbon neutrality. With our proposed West of Orkney windfarm, there is an opportunity to create one of the world’s first green hydrogen plants in Orkney,” said Julien Pouget of TotalEnergies.

“Flotta is an ideal location for green hydrogen production – it is surrounded by the best wind resource in Europe, it lies close to major shipping routes within the vast natural harbour of Scapa Flow,” said James Stockan, leader of Orkney Islands Council.

Flotta Hydrogen Hub
Flotta Hydrogen Hub

José Luis Muñoz, CEO of Repsol Sinopec, added: “The Flotta Terminal has been in operation since 1976 and has made a significant contribution to Orkney’s economy and communities for more than 40 years. This project would enable the terminal to be progressively transformed over time into a diversified energy hub where conventional oil and gas operations continue, co-existing alongside the development of a sustainable long-term green future for the facility. The repurposing of Flotta will require local stakeholders support, retaining and upskilling the current workforce as well as the creation of long-term skilled jobs during both construction and hydrogen operations.”