Polarcus in 3D seismic project offshore Australia

Marine seismic acquisition company Polarcus has received a letter of award for a 3D marine seismic acquisition project offshore Australia.

The company said on Wednesday that it will be utilizing its XArray acquisition technique to deliver the broadband dataset.

The Polarcus XArray is an acquisition configuration developed by Polarcus to deliver ‘superior’ data quality and make full use of today‚Äôs larger streamer spreads. According to Polarcus, it improves both in-line shots by 100- 250 percent and cross-line bin density by up to 400 percent on any streamer separation and can be tailored to provide higher fold data, increase crossline sampling and improve acquisition efficiency.

The project is due to start in the fourth quarter of 2016 and will run for one month.

The company has not disclosed any further information about the project nor its client.