Seaway Phoenix ticks off first offshore wind assignment

Seaway 7’s recently converted cable laying vessel (CLV) Seaway Phoenix has completed its first assignment.

Seaway 7

The 130-meter long vessel installed its first inter-array cable at an undisclosed offshore wind project in Taiwan.

According to Seaway 7, Seaway Phoenix features an AHC 34-tonne offshore crane, two work-class ROVs including a launch and recovery system, and one trenching ROV.

It has a cable loading capacity of 4,000 tonnes and two cable turntables each with a 2,000-tonne loading capacity.

To remind, Subsea 7’s renewables and heavy lifting business¬†revealed in September last year that it will convert the Seaway Phoenix to become a dedicated inter-array grid and export cable installation and trenching support vessel.

Subsea 7 stacked the vessel following its contract end in 2018.

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