SINN Power agrees commercial wave energy project in Africa

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Cape Verde’s Maritime and Port Office (AMP) and German-based wave energy developer SINN Power have signed a contract for the installation of a wave energy converter in Cape Verde.

The goal of the project is to supply a sustainable shrimp farm on São Vicente island with 100% renewable electricity.

In cooperation with the local association Fazenda de Camarão and the University of Cabo Verde, SINN Power intends to create a joint venture, and the project is scheduled to begin immediately with a detailed feasibility study.

SINN Power plans to cover the shrimp farm’s energy needs by installing a wave energy converter array backed up by a solar power plant within the next three years, the company informed.

Philipp Sinn, CEO and founder of SINN Power, said: “We are very excited about the growth opportunities that emerge from our installation on Cape Verde and are looking forward to future projects in Africa.”

Under the island’s wave conditions, SINN Power’s technology is predicted to reduce the ecological footprint of the shrimp farm by 127 tonnes CO2 per year by saving diesel fuel, according to SINN Power.

Once installed, the array of 21 wave energy converter modules will save about 50.000 liters of fuel or approximately €75.000 per year, SINN Power added.

Furthermore, SINN Power said that the venture is expected to create around 60 jobs on São Vicente and decrease the massive amount of imports to Cape Verde.

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