SSE Reviews Its Wave and Tidal Projects (UK)

SSE Reviews Its Wave and Tidal Projects (UK)

Following recent media speculation surrounding SSE’s future involvement in marine development projects, the company has confirmed the following:

“SSE is currently undertaking a review of its marine (wave and tidal) portfolio and assessing options for the progression of the development projects involved. This process involves engaging with our respective joint venture partners and a number of other key stakeholders in the sector.

“Although there is considerable marine energy technology development to be done over the next few years, SSE continues to believe that marine-based technologies (wave and tidal) have the potential to make an important contribution to the UK’s renewable generation capacity in the next decade. We are working on a plan which will maintain interest in SSE’s marine development projects and facilitate additional third party involvement in the future to help take the projects forward to consent application, commercial-scale investment readiness and ultimately delivery of new marine generation capacity.”


Press release, October 3, 2013; Image: SSE