SST becomes Viper Subsea’s agent

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Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) is now an Approved Vendor to Viper Subsea, a company specialising in providing management, engineering and procurement services to the offshore and subsea oil and gas industry, for the assembly and test of the company’s V-Lock hydraulic stabplates and test plates.

SST becoms Viper Subsea's agentSST has recently completed V-Lock test and flushing plate component inspection, assembly configuration and compliance checking, together with mass confirmation, interface checking and test assembly. The test and flushing plates are used topside or in the workshop to enable proof pressure testing and flushing of both the fixed and flying plates.

The V-Lock stab plate is designed for operation by ROV and offers market leading technical performance in terms of ROV interfaces, pressure ratings, weight and secondary release. The plate utilises a novel actuation mechanism, resulting in a highly reliable connection that is physically smaller and lighter than traditional stabplate designs.

“We are delighted to be an Approved Vendor to Viper Subsea and look forward to working with them on assembly and testing full V-lock stabplates,” said Brian Green, managing director, Severn Subsea Technologies.

SST has recently expanded its in-house manufacturing and test facilities to include a Class 7 cleanroom, blast rooms, hydraulic control units, flushing units, and a new fluids testing facility. It is now able to offer complete flushing and pressure testing of stabplate couplings and other subsea systems.


Press Release, April 14, 2014

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