Steel Cutting Ceremony Held for LNG Cargo Vessel, China

Steel Cutting Ceremony Held for LNG Cargo Vessel, China

On the morning of August 28th, the shipowner NOR LINES, the class society DNV, guests from related banks and senior managers of Tsuji had witnessed the steel cutting ceremony of The World First Pure LNG Propulsion General Cargo Vessel.

Tsuji signed the shipbuilding contract with NOR LINES in Shanghai on October 18th, 2011. After one year’s preparation, the project is to be constructed as planned.

Norlines, with the support from the Norwegian’s Authorities developed in close collaboration with Rolls-royce Marine this Pure Natural Gas (LNG) propulsion multi-purpose vessel with the aims to reduce emissions and save energy. The ship design met the IMO exhaust and emissions to the atmosphere and ocean microbes pollution regulatory requirements.

The design is definitely a high tech and high value added ship design of the future. Compared to ordinary bunker fuel used in present vessels, the new design will achieve a more than 35% reduction in CO2 emission. NOx emission will be reduced by 95%, SOx emission and particles (soot) from the fuel will be completely eliminated. The ship design was the winner of the “Next Generation Ship Award” at Nor-shipping 2011.

Tsuji was selected as the building yard for this project among more than 20 world-class shipyards, including which come from Germany, South Korea and Turkey etc. This proved that Tsuji has been highly recognized by the clients and markets in respect of shipbuilding technique, quality and safety management.

With the background of global economic downturn, especially the shipbuilding industry enters into an overall decline, the commencement of the project has significant meaning for updating domestic shipbuilding industry through upgrading the technology. As the shipping industry entered into a descending cycle, the cost-driven market faces great changes, environmental protection and product upgrading become the only driving force for promoting industrial development.

Looking into the future, as the pressure of environmental protection is increased, the LNG-driven “green” ship with its characteristics of “security, energy-saving, clean” will be gradually promoted in the world shipping industry including in China. So through the innovation and transformation of the technology, optimization of the industry and product structure is one of the powerful measures for China’s shipbuilding industry contending against the crisis.

The undertaking of this project will enhance the shipbuilding capabilities of Tsuji as well as leads a new progress of the shipbuilding technology in China.


LNG World News Staff, September 6, 2012; Image: Tsuji