‘Supermajor’ to deploy ION’s Gemini tech in 3D acquisition in Mediterranean Sea

ION Geophysical Corporation has secured a contract for its Gemini enhanced frequency source technology to be utilised in a proprietary, wide azimuth 3D acquisition in the Mediterranean Sea.

Illustration. Courtesy of ION Geophysical Corporation.

The wide azimuth 3D acquisition will deploy Gemini 8,000 cubic inch sources in dual-source configurations on both the primary and secondary streamer vessels over approximately 60 days.

With the addition of this project, Gemini 8,000 cubic inch source capacity will be at high utilisation through the summer, ION said.

The company did not reveal additional details about the project. However, Ken Williamson, EVP of Innovation and Strategic Marketing did state that Gemini was “selected by a supermajor for their latest acquisition”.

“Deploying Gemini as a replacement for conventional source technology is a testament to the reliability, environmental and broadband frequency benefits that it provides. It also illustrates the industry’s increasing demand for creative acquisition and technology solutions, such as Gemini, to solve complex imaging challenges”, Williamson added.

ION’s Gemini extended frequency source (EFS) technology is a broadband seismic source technology that is able to generate the <4Hz frequencies required to image in complex geologies where penetration of low frequencies is key. 

It emits a broader spectrum of frequencies (2 – 80 Hz or higher) than conventional sources or other purpose-built low-frequency sources. 

The Gemini source is also said to offer a more environmentally friendly source solution that reduces the impact on marine life through its lower amplitudes at higher frequencies.

Last year, the technology was deployed in the 3D survey offshore Egypt carried out by PGS and ION on behalf of Shell. It was the first proprietary deployment of ION’s extended frequency source.

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