Kraken Robotics

Survey deal for buried subsea pipelines knocks on Kraken Robotics’ door

Canada-headquartered marine technology player Kraken Robotics has been hired by an undisclosed company for a specialized sub-seabed survey to map the exact location and integrity of buried pipelines.

Kraken Robotics

According to Kraken Robotics, this new contract is valued at $1 million and builds off a previous sub-seabed acoustic survey that the Canadian firm completed last year.

The new survey, which will be completed in the first half of 2024, will utilize specialized magnetic surveying techniques combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and the previously acquired acoustic data set to image the buried pipelines.

Kraken Robotics explains that the goal of the survey is to provide the company that ordered it with “a comprehensive and detailed” analysis of the buried pipeline’s continuity, bends, and any potential damage, to facilitate informed decision-making.

The Canadian player tucked several new contracts under its belt this year. Last month, the firm won a $3 million contract to carry out boulder detection subsea survey services as part of an offshore wind farm project in Europe.

Prior to this, Kraken Robotics landed a purchase order for subsea batteries valued at $16 million, with deliveries set to occur this and next year. In addition, the company disclosed a $3 million purchase order in April 2023 for the delivery of its subsea batteries.