TGS kicks off 3D data reprocessing project off Uruguay

TGS has commenced a 3D data reprocessing program offshore Uruguay, which covers blocks in the country’s active licensing round.

TGS kicks off 3D data reprocessing project off Uruguay
Source: TGS

Tannat 3D PSDM Repro consists of 25,000 square kilometers.

According to TGS, the data will be regionally integrated and reprocessed using advanced techniques, including de-ghosting, improved velocities and pre-stack merge and migration to depth.

This newly enhanced data, combined with TGS’ existing 23,000 km of 2D seismic coverage in the area, is set to allow for the definition of play fairways, leads, and exploration targets, providing E&Ps with the best-imaged data to make the most informed decisions ahead of and after the license round.

Early out PSDM data will be available in Q1 2023, with final products to be delivered in Q3 2023.

Kristian Johansen, TGS CEO, said: “We are excited to embark on this project and further position TGS in the region supporting the future exploration success offshore Uruguay.”

Under the 2022 Open Bidding Round, Uruguay’s state-owned oil and gas company ANCAP awarded three out of the six available offshore blocks to the UK-headquartered Shell and the U.S.-based APA Corporation.

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TGS recently completed the transaction to acquire the multi-client and processing business of ION Geophysical Corporation, referred to as the E&P Technology and Services (EPTS) business.

The acquisition includes ION’s global offshore multi-client data library, data processing and imaging capabilities, intellectual property, and Gemini extended frequency source technology and equipment.