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ThayerMahan snaps up OASIS

Groton-based tech firm ThayerMahan has acquired Ocean Acoustical Services and Instrumentation Systems (OASIS).


Founded in 2016, ThayerMahan has grown into one of industry leaders in autonomous marine sensor/system solutions.

Led by its visionary founder, Michael J. Connor, ThayerMahan has developed patented technology solutions in acoustics, electronic sensing, autonomy, communications and data management while providing MDA (Maritime Domain Awareness) solutions to a diverse body of clients in government, industry and academia.

ThayerMahan president and CEO, Mike Connor, stated:

“Acquiring OASIS is a big step for ThayerMahan.

“We have been working with the OASIS team for over 4 years and have tremendous respect for their skill set.

“They are experts in the physics of underwater sound and add considerably to our ability to produce the software that drives our autonomous maritime acoustic collection systems.

“When we combine OASIS scientists with ThayerMahan’s expert operators, we have the ability to deploy new maritime search capabilities faster than anyone else in the business.”

ThayerMahan has worked with OASIS in the development of acoustic sensor and processing technologies.

Since 1990, OASIS has provided expert consulting services in all areas of underwater and airborne acoustics, noise control technologies, structural acoustics, and instrumentation and data acquisition systems.

It has experience performing ocean acoustic experiments in both coastal and deep water.

The company has been active in a number of government-funded research efforts focused on ocean acoustics and oceanography and has developed a real-time system (patent pending) for calculating the position and the transmission loss of a programmable acoustic target.

Another core service provided by OASIS has been real-time advanced signal processing utilizing state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chips has been a key element applied to automated unmanned vehicles.

OASIS founder and CEO, Phil Abbot, said:

“My team at OASIS has developed a world class consulting firm focusing in underwater acoustic sensing technology and integration with unmanned undersea vehicles.

“With a deep understanding of the physics of sound and its interaction with the ocean environment, we have developed state-of-the-art autonomous algorithms and implemented them into low power digital signal processors, resulting in highly competent autonomous surveillance systems.

“As a part of ThayerMahan, we will see our products deployed in support of government and commercial sector clients in addition to the applied naval research community that we already serve.”

OASIS has provided research on the acoustic signals produced by marine mammals to a variety of US government customers.

This work has led to the development of an autonomous system to detect, classify, and locate marine mammals using acoustic sensors based on autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) platforms.