The Netherlands: Ahoy, HME Organise Special Green Route at Europort 2011


With increasing interest in sustainable shipping, Ahoy in cooperation with HME will organise for the second time in line a special Green Route at Europort 2011. An exclusive number of 48 ‘green’ companies that products/services that show demonstrable reduction in the environmental impact of ships have signed up to be part of the Green Route. Following the Green Route, the participant will encounter the most innovative green solutions that the industry has to offer at this very moment.


ABB, Alara-Lukagro, Alewijnse Marine Systems, Alphatron Marine BV, Amarcon BV, Bakker Sliedrecht Electro Industrie BV, Cofely West Industrie, Marine & Offshore (E&I), Damen Marine Components, Damen Shipyards, Eekels Elektrotechniek BV, Floodvideo, GEA Westfalia Separator Nederland BV, Geislinger GmbH, Hatenboer-Water BV, Heatmaster, Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV, Holland Marine Services Amsterdam BV, IFS Benelux BV, IHC Merwede, Imotec | R.R. Maritime Engineering B.V., Imtech Marine BV, IPCO Power BV, Konutherm BV, KOSEQ BV (Kampers Oil Spil Equipment), Lankhorst Ropes, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Maprom, Marflex, MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), Maritima Green Technology, Nijhuis Pompen BV, PANOLIN, Reintjes Benelux BV, Ruysch Technical-Agencies Holland BV, Siemens Nederland NV Bruinhof, Solfic BV, Soottech BV, TNO Maritime & Offshore, TrustLube BV, Uittenboogaart Technisch Bureau BV, VAF Instruments BV, Van der Velden Marine Systems, Verhaar & Omega BV, Veth Propulsion BV, Voith Turbo BV, Wärtsilä Netherlands BV, Werkina Werkendam BV, WIDE.

Green Route Newsflash

The Green Route Newsflash, available at the booth of every Green Route participant and in the Holland Lounges of the Maritime by Holland Pavilions, offers a complete overview of all Green Route participants. The most durable products and services of the 48 participants are being highlighted in this publication.

Supported by Platform Ships’ Emissions

The Green Route is supported by the Platform Ships’ Emissions. A partnership of the Port of Rotterdam N.V., Holland Shipbuilding Association, North Sea Foundation, MARIN and the Royal Association of Netherlands’ Shipowners. The mission of the Platform Ships’ Emissions is to reduce ships’ emissions in a way that enhances the competitiveness of the maritime sector in the Netherlands.

Powered by HME

The Green Route is organised by HME in cooperation with Ahoy. Project organisation HME supports maritime companies with export promotion, innovation and training. HME is part of Holland Shipbuilding Association.


Source: HME, October 31, 2011


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