Photo: Image source: J.E. McAmis

Two New Additions to JEM Marine Barge Fleet

J.E. McAmis, a heavy-civil, marine and environmental contractor, has just released a couple of updates on two new additions to the JEM Marine barge fleet.

The San Clemente Island (250′ x 72′ x 15′) just came off of Vigor’s drydock in Portland and is headed back to WCT in Astoria for final outfitting and the addition of a concrete wear deck. WCT installed spuds and a ramp on this barge last month.

The other barge was formerly the Brusco 250 and renamed the Ellis Island (250′ x 76′ rated 5,500ST) is having the bin walls refitted and is receiving new timber decking at J.E. McAmis’ yard in Longview, WA.

The Ellis Island is an ABS barge that will be outfitted with a new Lampson 4100 Millenium Crane which will be delivered in May 2020.

Both of these barges will be put into service in May on the MCR South Jetty Project and both will be used for jetty stone delivery.