UK: AVEVA Releases Publication on 3D Laser Scanning

AVEVA Releases Publication on 3D Laser Scanning

AVEVA yesterday announced its publication of a new business paper – ‘On the Beam: How 3D laser scanning technology brings new opportunities in ship refitting and conversion’. In this paper, AVEVA examines how rapid, accurate and non-intrusive 3D laser surveying can increase shipyard capabilities to meet the coming surge in demand for ship conversion and refit projects.

It describes how AVEVA’s laser scanning software has the potential to help both the commercial and naval sectors to find new business opportunities in a difficult economic climate.

In a depressed, buyers’ market, ship owners are driving hard bargains and shipyard profitability is being squeezed‘, said Gary Farrow, VP, 3D Data Capture Business Management, AVEVA.Traditional manual surveying is costly, time-consuming and of limited accuracy. Dramatic increases in efficiency have been enabled through greater automation, rapid visualisation and processing of laser data making the conversion of laser scans into 3D quicker and cheaper than ever before. Shipyards will see increasing opportunities in refit and conversion projects, but only if they can offer rapid turn-round, competitive prices and more added value. Using inexpensive 3D laser surveying, the ‘as-operating’ vessel can now be captured quickly and accurately directly into the 3D design environment. It shortens the time out of service and can also be used as part of a vessel lifecycle management strategy.

Early availability of detailed and accurate 3D surveys from laser scan data enables shipyards to be ahead of the game, planning the project, designing the refit and procuring materials ready to begin work as soon as the vessel reaches the repair dock.

Mr Farrow added, ‘Equipped with the 3D scans, refits and conversions will be more efficient benefiting not only the ship owner but also the shipyard. This is a true enabling technology that can help shipyards to survive the downturn, enhance their business value and position them to take full advantage of a market recovery‘.

AVEVA, August 9, 2013

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