UK: Reef Subsea Unveils Subsea Construction Vessel Reef Larissa in Aberdeen

Reef Subsea AS announced that one of its new inspection, maintenance & repair and subsea construction vessel, the Reef Larissa, which will be operated soon by its specialised company Specialist Subsea Services Ltd (S³) was unveiled at Aberdeen Harbour on Wednesday 25th April 2012, having just returned from four days of trials in the North Sea.

The Reef Larissa was one of two ships chartered by Reef Subsea for five year from Neptune Subsea AS in November 2011. The Neptune Larissa and Neptune Despina are now both renamed as Reef Larissa and Reef Despina. Measuring 98.6m x 19m in size, the Reef Larissa is a DP2 class, suitable for deepwater, and sleeps up to 78 people. Two of S³’s Triton XLX work class ROVs are installed on board along with a suite of survey equipment.

The vessel is equipped with a 150 tonne SWL crane with active heave compensation, an enclosed ROV hangar with two integrated LARS for the deployment of work class ROVs on both sides of the vessel, a large moonpool and up to 935m² of deck area. On its own, the 150 tonne crane is able to work in depths of over 2,000m, and when combined with the work class ROVs, the vessel will operate in depths of up to 3,000m.

As the sister ship of the Despina, the Larissa has been designed to produce a faster transit speed in head seas, and is environmentally efficient due to its reduced fuel consumption and streamlined design.

Graeme Kidd, managing director of S³, said: “We are delighted to be in a position to offer the Reef Larissa, which is S³’s first IMR and subsea construction vessel. Its addition in the Reef Subsea fleet, will place us in a stronger position to support offshore operations in the North Sea, Europe and Africa and provide customers with a comprehensive package of services.

“The Larissa is equipped with the latest technology and combined with its ability to operate in deepwater, will allow us to use our work class ROVs in conjunction with tooling packages on a wider range of projects. These benefits are further strengthened by recent enhancing works that have been implemented on board to provide suitable working conditions for our offshore project teams. These works include more office space and an increased accommodation capacity from 65 to 78.”

Tim Sheehan, Reef Subsea Chief Operating Officer, said: “We are extremely pleased to unveil the Reef Larissa in Aberdeen harbour before she leaves for her first assignment. Like her sister ship she will bring to all our clients from both Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors the additional resources they may need to develop their subsea and offshore fields. The new vessels enjoy Clean Design & Green Passport to further reduce environmental footprint and increased safe working conditions to offshore crew and project teams”.

Subsea World News Staff , May 01, 2012;  Image: Reef Subsea