VIDEO: CorPower wave energy converter

CorPower Ocean has developed a wave energy converter (WEC) that produces electricity from waves using pumping principles of human heart.

The devices are small and light with low inertia, which allows them to use a broad range of wave motions to convert them to power.

CorPower’s WECs have power take-off (PTO) design that combines the high load capabilities from hydraulics with the efficiency of mechanical drive.

CorPower’s WEC buoys oscillate in resonance with incoming waves, allowing the buoys to absorb wave’s power.

The device uses phase control technology which amplifies the waves motion, thus amplifying power capture.

The amplified linear motion is then converted into electricity with a type of pneumechanical drive train inside the buoy that uses cascade gear technology.

This wave energy converter has also been designed to be used in combination with wave farms enabling mass energy production at a lower cost.

CorPower Ocean has been awarded EUR 100 K in the category “Ocean Economy” at the Building Global Innovators Awards in December 2014, an now has the chance to win an additional EUR 100 K in the Grand Finale scheduled for February 26, 2015.

Take a look at the video describing the principles of CorPower’s WEC technology.

Source: CorPower Ocean; Image: KIC Inno Energy