Video: Subsea power hybrid’s route from paper to sea

The story of the Subsea Power Hub development has been shared with us by the team behind the device in a video released by East Coast Oil and Gas Engineering (EC-OG).

EC-OG’s Subsea Power Hub is a hybrid device based on ocean current energy conversion system with integrated energy storage.

The device, which underwent real sea testing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) this year, operates as the self-containted turbine harnesses the energy within ocean currents to convert, store and deliver autonomous electrical power.

The Subsea Power Hub has been designed to power subsea infrastructure for various applications, including for clients in the oil and gas sector who can use the device to reconfigure their electrical supply systems to make them more efficient.

The trials conducted at EMEC will enable EC-OG to optimize the system design in preparation for a further field trial of the device in the North Sea, which is expected to lead to full system commercialization.

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