Viking Supply Ships in temporary chairman change

Swedish offshore support ships operator Viking Supply Ships has appointed Folke Patriksson as a temporary chairman of the board.

Last week, after months of negotiations, Viking Supply Ships reached an agreement with bondholder over bond restructuring.

Also last week, the company’s chairman of the board, Bengt A. Rem was appointed as interim CEO of Viking Supply Ships replacing Christian Berg who decided to step down from the position following a temporary leave of absence.

Following Bengt A. Rem’s appointment as the interim CEO, Viking said on Monday that Folke Patriksson will take over the duties of the chairman of the board for as long as Rem is the interim CEO.

Even though he will not be acting as chairman, Rem will continue to carry out his duties on the board as a board member.

Folke Patriksson is one of the founders of Viking Supply Ships AB and former managing director of the company. He is currently the deputy chairman of the board and has been a member of the board since 1972.