Photo: Water2Energy’s vertical axis water turbine (Photo: Supplied/Justin den Hartog)

Water2Energy installs turbine at Port of Antwerp

Dutch sustainable energy developer Water2Energy has installed its vertical axis water turbine at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium.

After an extensive selection procedure, the turbine was constructed and deployed by a project consortium consisting of Water2Energy, Port of Antwerp, and Belgian construction company De Meyer.

Water2Energy’s vertical axis water turbine, rated from 100kW to 150kW, is currently subject to performance tests in one of the drainage channels bypassing the Kallo lock at the port.

The channels dimensions are 5 meter in height and 2.5 meters width, and according to project consortium, 15-20 similar channels can be equipped with turbines, with a potential of electricity production of 7GWh per year.

Vertical axis water turbines are turbines with a vertical shaft.

Foils connected to the vertical shaft makes this typical water turbine, according to Water2Energy.

The standard version is called a Darrieus turbine. Pitch control is developed for maximum efficiency and a high fish friendliness, developers claim, while also enabling energy extraction from water currents at lower speeds.

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