Wave Hub hires Rovco Subsea for cable system inspection

Wave Hub has engaged the services of Rovco Subsea to conduct a survey of its subsea cable system.

The purpose of the project is to inspect the Wave Hub subsea cable system with multibeam echo-sounder bathymetry and ROV visual survey, Wave Hub informed.

The survey works will be conducted up to 100 meters of either side of Wave Hub subsea cables, starting from July 25, 2017.

The MTS Xplorer vessel will be used for the operation, according to Wave Hub.

The scope of works includes inspecting the main subsea cable, as well as the hub, and the four subsea cable tails installed across the Wave Hub Renewable Energy Development Area.

The works are anticipated to take up to ten days, subject to favorable weather conditions, with a target date for completion set before the end of August 2017.

Wave Hub open-sea test site, located off Cornwall, UK, provides shared infrastructure for the demonstration and proving of offshore renewable energy technologies.

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