WaveEL wave device powers Norwegian grid

Waves4Power’s wave energy system has started delivering electricity to the Norwegian grid.

The system started delivering power on June 2, 2017, after it was connected to the shore via 3 km long cable, the Swedish wave energy developer Waves4Power informed.

Waves4Power’s wave energy system, comprised of the WaveEL buoy, a connection hub, and custom designed proprietary marine cables, is installed at Runde test site, off the west coast of Norway.

The system was reinstalled at the site early in May this year. The marine operations have been planned and performed by BlueOrbis and Olympic Shipping.

This is a full-scale demonstration installation and the first step towards commercial serial production, Waves4Power said.

The serial production site will be based at Fiskåholmen shipyard in Vanylven municipality in Norway, while the Stryvo Group will be responsible for the production.

WaveEL device produces electricity using hydraulic pump which is connected to the accumulator that feeds a hydraulic motor with a generator, which in turn converts the hydraulic pressure to electric power.