Waves4Power gears up for WaveEL redeployment

Waves4Power is preparing to relaunch its WaveEL wave energy system following the conclusion of service and maintenance operations on the device.

Waves4Power informed that its system is ready for redeployment at Runde test site in Norway, which can possibly take place over the coming weekend, depending on the suitable weather conditions.

The WaveEL device was towed to a local shipyard for service and repair in September last year, after the damage on the acceleration tube under the buoy was identified during an ROV inspection of the device.

We follow the time plan, and all systems are ready for deployment. The only problem is the terrible weather at Runde for the moment. We might have a go next weekend if the forecast holds,” Ulf Lindelöf, Chief Executive of the Swedish wave energy company Waves4Power, said earlier this week.

WaveEL system was first deployed in February 2016, before being retrieved for maintenance purposes seven months later.

The system is comprised of an 8 meter long acceleration tube, open at both ends, which goes right through the buoy and is sticking down 30-35 meters below it.

WaveEL device produces electricity using hydraulic pump which is connected to the accumulator that feeds a hydraulic motor with a generator, which in turn converts the hydraulic pressure to electric power.