WaveSub links with grid-simulation buoy

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has completed pre-deployment testing of WaveSub’s PowerBuoy ahead of deployment at FaBTest.

Quarter-scale WaveSub device (Photo: Marine Power Systems)

The PowerBuoy, designed and manufactured by MJR Power & Automation, was last week positioned dockside and coupled to the WaveSub for testing.

The try-outs were supported by Severn Subsea Technologies and MJR Power & Automation who have both been instrumental to the WaveSub control system, according to MPS.

To remind, Severn Subsea Technologies designed the electro-hydraulic control system for the device and assembled and tested the machine room – said to be the heart of the system, at its premises in Redruth.

WaveSub PowerBuoy (Photo: MPS)

MPS said the tests have demonstrated that the PowerBuoy is capable of recording and collating key data sets, transmit them back to shore for analysis, and that the WaveSub device has connectivity with PowerBuoy and therefore can be controlled remotely.

The PowerBuoy will provide a simulated grid during WaveSub trials at FaBTest which are expected to begin shortly.

At FaBTest, MPS will seek to demonstrate operational ability and energy generational capacity of the quarter-scale WaveSub device in open sea conditions.