L to R: Steve Edwards; David Challenger; and Joshua Beynon at Pembroke Port (Courtesy of Port of Milford Haven)

Works get underway to transform Pembroke Port into Welsh marine energy hub

Works to redevelop areas within Pembroke Port and create the infrastructure needed to support the development of a world-class marine energy hub have started.

L to R: Steve Edwards; David Challenger; and Joshua Beynon at Pembroke Port (Courtesy of Port of Milford Haven)
L to R: Steve Edwards; David Challenger; and Joshua Beynon at Pembroke Port (Courtesy of Port of Milford Haven)
L to R: Steve Edwards; David Challenger; and Joshua Beynon at Pembroke Port (Courtesy of Port of Milford Haven)

Part of the £60 million Pembroke Dock Marine project, the redevelopment will create a world-class energy and engineering centre of excellence and act as a focal point for capturing the economic value from wind, wave and tidal renewable energy projects.

The first phase of works is the renovation of the four Grade II listed Hangar Annexes attached to the historic Sunderland Hangars at Pembroke Port to create flexible modern workspaces and a workshop.

The contractor R&M Williams is now on site and expected to complete the project by November 2022.

Additional works to extend the port’s laydown and fabrication spaces, enlarge a slipway to provide more flexibility in transferring large structures from land to sea, and install a new workboat pontoon are expected to start next year.

The Pembroke Dock Marine project, which is part of the £1.3 billion Swansea Bay City Deal, is a once in a generation opportunity to regenerate the town of Pembroke Dock and the wider community by creating the facilities and infrastructure needed to support the growing marine renewables industry, according to the port.

Around 1,800 high skill, year round jobs are expected to be created as a result of the entire Pembroke Dock Marine project benefitting not only the workforce of today, but also future generations who will have access to high quality career opportunities on their doorstep.

Steve Edwards, commercial director at the Port of Milford Haven, said: “It’s wonderful to see the project underway at Pembroke Port. We’re creating a modern facility here that will allow developers of cutting-edge marine energy technology to reach commercialisation.

“Crucially, Pembroke Dock Marine is a significant first step to unlocking further interest and investment in Pembrokeshire aligned to the floating offshore wind opportunity in the Celtic Sea. With further investment and growth, the region’s supply chain could benefit substantially from the £682 million opportunities and 3,000 jobs associated with floating offshore wind identified by Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult”.

Pembroke Dock town councillor and deputy mayor, Joshua Beynon, added: “This huge piece of development in our town is a fantastic opportunity to provide green jobs and employment for residents across Pembroke Dock and Pembrokeshire.

“Our town needs this investment to make it a 21st century area that is ready to tackle the issues of today and tomorrow and reach our climate change commitments”.

Welsh world-class marine energy centre of excellence

Pembroke Port (Courtesy of Port of Milford Haven)
Pembroke Port (Courtesy of Port of Milford Haven)

Pembroke Dock Marine will be a world-class marine energy and engineering centre of excellence for design, test, build and deployment of marine energy devices, with potential for use by other industries, according to developers. 

It will expand upon the region’s established facilities and extensive skill base to maximise operational efficiency and increase innovation to drive down the cost of marine energy – an industry projected to be worth £76 billion by 2050. 

As part of the project, a knowledge and innovation centre – Marine Energy and Engineering Centre of Excellence – will be developed by ORE Catapult, accompanied by the development of industry-ready fabrication and deployment infrastructure in Pembroke Port by the Port of Milford Haven. 

Also, Marine Energy Wales will deliver consented test areas on key waterway sites for components and scaled devices, called Marine Energy Test Area (META), as part of the project.

This will be complemented by Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone, the 90 km2 leased site for commercial deployment of 180MW capacity for full scale wave and floating wind energy arrays that will be delivered by Celtic Sea Power. 

The Port of Milford Haven is responsible for the delivery of changes to infrastructure at Pembroke Port.

This will ensure developers can maximise operational efficiency and benefit from enhanced land to sea interface enabling the industry to fully mature onsite, the port said.