WSS, Solstad Sign Global Agency Agreement

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) and Solstad Shipping have entered into a two year global agency agreement with a two year option, with WSS providing global agency services to Solstad’s 48 vessels worldwide.

WSS’s global agency agreement aims to streamline and simplify multiple port call operations for the customer by pre-defining requirements and appointing a global agent to follow up on the account. WSS handles 70,000 port calls every year in 2,200 ports in 125 countries.

”We were previously using around 50 different agencies across the world, which was a complex task within itself. Dealing with several different agents can be time-consuming and unpredictable due to varying performances from port to port,” said Malcolm Rosie, Technical Director, Solstad Shipping. ”Having one point of contact and the same documentation and invoicing structure wherever we are in the world allows us to work in a simple and structured manner, while keeping full cost control over our global fleet. ”