Photo: Pixabay

Yilport to bolster efficiency at five terminals with data sharing app

Turkish port operator Yilport Holdings has implemented Navis Smart Compass, a visual workflow management application, at five terminals, following a pilot program in May of last year.

The application, developed by Cargotec’s Navis brand, is used to digitize the planning process and standardize the way terminals work in order to improve the quality of the planning process’ overall output and the terminal’s efficiency. 

Navis said that the decision came on the back of the success of the program at Yilport’s terminals that use Navis N4.

With the move, Yilport wants to enhance data sharing, communication, and visibility, in addition to enabling remote operation capabilities among its global teams.

“Navis Smart Compass has been a game-changer for our port operations and management. As a pilot partner for Navis Compass, we worked closely with the Navis team to give feedback on the solution and help shape it for optimal terminal planning and execution processes,” said Cem Goktaş, Global Operations Director, Yilport.

“Now all users, regardless of where they are located, can see all information regarding upcoming vessel visits to know exactly what tasks need to be done and who is working on them, saving us time, money and reducing the risk of human error.”

Yilport currently operates 22 marine ports and terminals globally handling 12 million TEU’s for containers and 22 million tons in general and dry bulk cargo annually.

The company has been very vocal about its aspiration to scale up operations by 2025 and become one of the top ten container terminal operators in the world. The port operator believes that technology and digitalization are a natural part of that process.