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ZeroNorth platform prevents 218,000 tonnes of CO2 ship emissions in 2021

Technology company ZeroNorth — a digital spin-off of Maersk Tankers — has revealed that its platform prevented 218,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere in 2021, at a time when shipping’s emissions as a whole increased by 4.9%.

Significantly, this saving occurred at the same time as users were able to improve their earnings, proving that there is latent potential for shipping to optimise its operations for both profit and planet, according to the company.

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To calculate the emissions savings, ZeroNorth examined vessels whose voyages were optimised using its software. The results are said to be an indicator of the ZeroNorth platform’s potential to cut emissions from shipping.

To further support the maritime decarbonisation transition, ZeroNorth is also unveiling a new CII optimisation functionality in its platform. The new CII optimisation option means that ship owners and operators can optimise their voyages for CII-based decision-making.

By combining a huge variety of vessel, market, bunker, and weather data together with its algorithms, the ZeroNorth platform now offers a green route – that considers emissions together with profit – to improve or maintain vessel CII ratings.

This will provide the industry with a vital tool as it manages its decarbonisation journey on top of its CII compliance, and improve accountability to counterparties who are interested in CII-related performance, Maersk Tankers’ company said.

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Owners can opt to make CII route choices depending on their operational and commercial priorities, and the route recommendations also provide a transparent view of the CO2 and dollar impact of making a given route decision.

“As a purpose driven company, everything ZeroNorth does is focused on helping the industry tackle its emissions. We have now been able to quantify our positive impact in 2021: a reduction of nearly 220,000 tonnes of CO2 from our customers’ fleets. We see this as a strong first step in making global trade green and are proud that our platform has made a positive contribution in a market where emissions are still going in the wrong direction,” Lora Jakobsen, Chief Purpose Activist, ZeroNorth said.

“We also believe that launching our CII optimisation feature will give the industry another means to act on its environmental footprint. The tightening regulatory environment in shipping is creating an urgency to act, which in turn can help the industry’s green transition. Commercial entities need to do their part, which is why we are building a platform to drive the industry’s sustainability.”

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