Allspeeds Builds ROV Cut Loop Cutter for BOPs

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Allspeeds, the designers and manufacturers of Webtool, has released an ROV cut loop cutter for emergency activation of a blow out preventer (BOP).

It is used to sever the cutting loop to activate the BOP in the event other measures have failed.

Subsea intervention involves the use of remotely operated tools that often include cut loops as a redundancy measure to prevent a blow out once all ‘topside’ solutions have failed to work. The cut loop prevents pressure lock in the hydraulic system needed to activate the BOP.

During intervention, the Webtool cutter is held in position over the cut loop by an ROV in case of an emergency situation. This is Webtool’s smallest hydraulic guillotine cutter so far. It has a corrosion resistant stainless steel body and cylinder. The blade design is optimised for cutting stainless steel tube, the company explains.

According to Allspeeds, the Webtool cutter can be used at any water depth, with pressure compensation on the hydraulic supply. Weighing 7kg in water, the cutter uses 700bar maximum input pressure.

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