Van Oord's new green cable layer

Brunvoll kit for Van Oord’s ‘green’ cable layer

Norway’s Brunvoll has secured a contract to supply a complete propulsion and manoeuvring system for Van Oord’s next generation of cable-laying vessels.

Courtesy: Van Oord

In December last year, Van Oord placed an order with Norway-based Vard for a green cable-laying vessel.

The vessel should be fully operational in 2023 and represents Van Oord’s strategy to strengthen its position in the offshore wind market.

The vessel design will come from Vard Design in Ålesund, while VARD Brattvåg is responsible for the construction part.

The Vard 9 02 design will have the newest sustainable technology to reduce emissions in both port mooring and offshore operations.

Apart from the possibility to run on biofuel, this 130-metre hybrid vessel has future fuel-ready engines with built-in flexibility to anticipate e-fuels.

It will have a large battery pack, a shore supply connection and an energy management system, which should reduce CO2, NOx and SOx emissions.

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The new DP2 vessel will be equipped with a below-deck cable carousel and a second carousel on deck, with a total cable-carrying capacity of 8,000t.

Specifically, Brunvoll’s system delivery comprises two 2,100kW tunnel thrusters, a combined retractable azimuth/tunnel thruster of 1,500kW and two azimuth propulsion thrusters with propeller in nozzle each with a power of 2,500kW.

“This project is yet another proof that the Norwegian maritime cluster can deliver premium system solutions,” says Brunvoll.