A photo rendering CWind's four new vessels

CWind adds four new vessels to its fleet

CWind and Dalby Offshore have signed a long-term agreement, under which CWind will add four new vessels to its fleet with immediate effect.


The companies also agreed on an option for two additional vessels later in the year.

CWind said it had already chartered some of the new vessels following a quick turnaround by marine engineering company Alicat Workboats.

The new vessels have been renamed and registered to CWind’s East of England hub in Grimsby, from where they will support operations at several offshore wind farms.

The new additions to CWind’s fleet include CWind Voyager, CWind Navigator, CWind Traveller and CWind Renegade.

The vessels range from 20 to 26.5 metres in length. CWind Navigator is able to carry 24 passengers, while CWind Traveller and CWind Renegade are both 12-passengers vessels. After completing its current charter, the 12-passenger CWind Voyager will be upgraded to accommodate 24 passengers.

“The expansion and development of our fleet is key to both our own success and the operational integrity of our clients’ assets, which is more important now than ever before to the UK’s power networks. Despite the challenges we are currently facing in our daily lives and business operations, we are committed to supporting our clients in the growth of renewable energy solutions”, said Nat Allison, CWind Managing Director.