Photo: Skandi Texel platform supplier; Source: Marin Teknikk

DOF platform supplier to exit oil service after sale

DOF Rederi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DOF ASA, has completed the sale of a platform supply vessel (PSV) to a Norwegian company.

DOF said on Wednesday it had sold the PSV Skandi Texel. The vessel is of an MT 6009S design, built in 2006.

It has been working on long term contracts mainly in the North Sea since its delivery.

DOF said that the Skandi Texel will be delivered to the new owner with immediate effect and will depart from the oil service sector after the sale.

The gain from the sale is approximately NOK 12 million ($1.4 million).

The vessel is 69.5 meters long, 16.4 meters wide, and can accommodate 24 people.

When it comes to its previous contracts, the Skandi Texel was in March 2020 awarded a one-year contract by the South North Sea Pool, a fourth party logistics firm. The contract was scheduled to start in the second quarter of that year.